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Dave Martin

To the Fans,

Welcome to the Bullride Mania website.

It can be difficult to please everyone. People's tastes in entertainment vary greatly, but I feel the fans gathered at our events have a common bond, the love for the sport of bullriding, and I hope I never dissappoint you.

Our staff has worked very hard to put this show together. Even though time does not permit me to get back to all of you, I do read each letter of criticism — both positive and negative — and consider your comments for our next show.

Dave Martin



As a four year old pre-schooler, Dave's parents took him to see Tommy Steiner's Rodeo at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Arena in Harrisburg, PA. When the rodeo bug bit the lad, it bit hard. All through school, Dave was possessed with rodeo. While other boys were thinking about Boy Scouts, baseball or girls, Dave was thinking about Brahma bulls and bucking horses. At sixteen, Dave began a ten-year career as a rodeo contestant, competing in bareback bronc riding, saddle bronc riding, steer wrestling, as well as his favorite event, Bullriding.

When he was fifteen years old, Dave bought bulls in 1969 to practice riding. In 1971, Dave started a business of leasing bulls to rodeos on the eastern seaboard. This business expanded until Dave finally produced his first sanctioned rodeo in 1975, in Hanover, PA.

This year, Dave Martin's Championship Rodeos will produce Bullride Manias in six different states (Schedule).

Some of the highlights of Dave's 40+ years of producing rodeos include:

Best Bucking Bull at the International Finals Rodeo in Oklahoma City, OK, two times!
Producing a High School Rodeo for the Commonwealth of PA at the annual Farm Show that was voted #1 in the nation.
Providing bulls for nationally-televised rodeo telecasts.

Dave resides in Fredonia, PA where the company is based on a 150 acre ranch, which includes Sundance Arena - A 45,000 sq. ft. heated, indoor rodeo facility. Casey competes in rodeo as a Steer Wrestler and graduated from the Savannah, GA College of Arts & Design, as well as being the show's official photographer. Dave's late son Jesse was ranked among the top twenty bull riders in the nation during his senior year of high school.

When not on the rodeo road, Dave works as a car auctioneer in several northeastern states. Dave Martin's rodeo career spans nearly 5 decades. Passionately devoted to producing the best shows in the Northeast, he supervises, consults, choreographs, and oversees new, innovative, and many times unexpected ideas for the shows that entertain over 250,000 fans annually. Each animal is an important member of the family. The "Fly-By-Night Crew" lives, travels, and works together caring for the animals, which is not only a twenty-four-hour-a-day commitment, but a way of life.

Dave on Ranch

At home on the ranch Gettysburg, PA

Dave At Old Timers Rodeo

On a chute fighter at the Old Timers Rodeo

Dave At Rodeo

Still on a chute fighter at the Old Timers Rodeo

Dave as Rocky Balboa

Dave as Rocky Balboa... "Adrenne!"

Dave as Johnny Cash

and impersonating Johnny Cash

Dave Holding Monkey

Dave hires another member of the Fly-by-Night crew

Addressed to Various Animal Rights Activist Groups

As you may know I am the livestock contractor and producer for many rodeos and bullridings. It is my understanding that you folks may be considering organized opposition to my shows by various means. I realize that it is difficult for either you or I to approach these matters in a dispassionate fashion. In that regard, we welcome any objective, informed and responsible view of our activities.

On the other hand, we will not tolerate the type of inaccurate, blatantly uninformed, or ignorant false statements that properly characterize the publicity, which is sometimes generated in these situations. We will not condone any mass interference with the scheduling of our shows, and we shall seek injunctive relief and/or money damages from any individual or organization, which intentionally interfere with our lawful business.