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In Memory of

Jesse Wayne Martin
1978 - 1997


An essay by Jesse Martin

I really don't have too many heroes. There are a lot of people who I admire for accomplishing things, which I feel I could never do in my life. Dan Gable is a wrestler who never lost a high school match and only lost two (matches) in his whole life! He was World and Olympic Champion several times. His first appearance at the Olympics he not only beat all six opponents, but never allowed a point to be scored on him. Thats pretty impressive if you ask me.

My only real hero is - I would have to say - Jesus. He's the only person I know is perfect. He created us and everything around us. Thats more impressive than anything anyone has done and ever will be able to do!

Rodeo Finals

Dad -

I wanted to use this chance and thank you again for all that you've helped me with and given me in life. I can tell you, flat out, that if it wasn't for the hook'ens you gave me on the living room floor way back when, if it wasn't for the schools you sent me to, and if it wasn't for all those exhibition rides you gave me, I wouldn't be leading the ARA right now. Not only with Bull Riding, but even all the little lessons and extra advice here and there you've given me (and I know it wasn't the easiest road through life to get here) but they are all coming together and paying off now just like you said they would - I love you for that. I understand life right now isn't exactly a walk in the daisies, but I figure that field is a'waiten out there somewhere and until our prayers lead us there were just going to have to settle with walks through the alleyways and barn yards! And one more thing - you had better take care of yourself now, cause when the day comes in which youre unable to, I guess it'll be Casey's and I's job! And Lord knows, we'll all be in trouble then!!!

Love you forever Dad,

To Whom It May Concern

By Jesse Martin

I wish I had all the answers.
I wish to please everyone.
I wish never to cause pain,
But to all I have.
Their respect I wish to regain.
Anything I can give
I will
To make someone happy.
Bring to me
A great big thrill.
Last impression:
I wish never to be bad
So, as I say my last good-byes;
Please, accept my apology and
forgive me
For the troubled times
We might have had.

Jesse Wayne

My Life

By Jesse Martin

The golden thread cut by the angels
has just begin to unravel.
No major knots found yet.
A few kinks though, have been met.
Im halfway through my teens.
Just old enough to understand
what life means.
Intelligence is where Im weak.
Sports is where I peak.
At points my life seems to treat me unfair.
But I never fail to
before I close my eyes to sleep
say that one special prayer.
So when the golden thread
comes to an end,
eternal life in heaven is where I will spend.

1996 National High School Finals

Sunday Morning

By Jesse Martin

December 24, 1995
I again have accepted Christ
into my heart and have prayed
that if for any reason He takes my life,
my family and all others will not grieve
but rejoice in knowing that
I'm in a much better place
and that they learn to follow the Lord,
so that in the future we can be reunited in heaven!

Jesse Wayne on Fence

Some of Jesses Accomplishments:

Voted by his peers "Most Friendly" in his senior class of over 250 students.

Rode his first saddle bronc he ever got on at fifteen for a qualified ride and made it to the pickup man. Once year later, at 16, he was PA State Champion High School Saddle Bronc Rider.
Qualified for National High School Rodeo Finals in Pueblo, CO and competed against the top four from each state and Canadian Province in Saddle Bronc and Bullriding.
Finished in the top 20 in the Nation in High School Bullriding.
At eighteen entered his first PRCA Rodeo and won first in the bullriding.

Rode and won money on every bull he got on in APRA competition for the first eight weeks of the season.
Captain of the Gettysburg High School Varsity Wrestling Team.
A talented and intricate artist and poet.

As a result of an auto accident, Jesse Martin and his good friend, Mike Burger, left us on July 19, 1997. We all miss them. Many peoples lives were touched by these young men.

Via con Dios, Vaqueros